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I am obsessed with this song today: P!nk – Just Give Me a Reason mostly because it really, really makes me think of Season 8 Winchesters. Wish I had SPN fangirls on my flist :(

So... Guess who had two thumbs and two lines on the stick?

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In that light, we bought a 2011 Vw Routan minivan since we needed a new vehicle for me to drive to New Mexico. We did that tonight. Found one in TARDIS blue, but it was sold. Across the way was a black one with a few more miles on it but it was much more macked out than the blue one... Including the sun roof I wanted so desperately (but was unwilling to look for, since it's so trivial. Fell in love with the sun roof back in June when I rented the Impala) and power folding seats in the third row... And dvd player, remote, wireless headphones, power everything! And the payment isn't even miserably high. *whew* considering I'll be out of work for a bit next year :)

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Oh the fangirlish delight of discovering that one of my dear favorite friends who dates back to 3rd grade, connected now via FB, is a slashy fangirl! Love it!

Also, this amuses me.
I've wondered about this for a long time, but it has recently become an issue again so it is fresh in my mind.

How do you get all those mushy wet tea leaves out of a teapot?!? I find it to be such a PITA that I'd rather risk crushing the poor wee leaves. I only put the tea directly in the pot, btw, when I'm brewing full leaf tea. Otherwise, it goes in a paper filter bag.

Just wondering. I did some research and found out about using 2 pots to brew the tea and got more insight into the age old question of milk or tea in the cup first, but there wasn't a word said about any tips or tricks with loose tea in a pot.
I found this on Pinterest, but as a wanna be, or some time beta, I would like to share this information with other writers (you might even know who you are) so that you will come a bit closer to understanding why I adore the semicolon.

How to Use a Semicolon
So, because workerbee73 beat me to it, I must say this about tonight's game:

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Lovely weekend with the fam.

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Saw Tin Tin yesterday and understand where Indiana Jones came from. Came home and watched Doctor Who and it made me cryyyyyyyyyy. I love that the Doctor finally seems to be healing and has had a bit of a break from the whomping. *pets him*
Wrote a bit of anonymous smut for a friend and posted it, proving to myself that I really can throw together some words without relentless editing and beta work! Maybe I'll jump in over @ the_applecart some time soon. Silly weekly prompts make weeks go by too fast. Course, I guess if I were inspired by a theme or a prompt there, I could just write it.... duh!

Anyway I have too much to fill my leisure time and nowhere near enough time to enjoy it all! Obsessed with the Sims, new 3d telly in my house...Pilots! And also the loom I gave my son at his request. It may give me a stroke learning to use it! It frightens me so!

Hope everyone is warm and safe and feeling loved.
The new movie is delightful. That is all.
Happy Birthday to my birthday twin, jaded_jamie!! We is OLLLLDDDD!! But we are not alone!! (And don't forget Christina Applegate, she's old today too!)

Thank you for all your wisdom and humor and brilliance and your devotion to all the things on the Telly. An excellent role model you are ;)

Please to insert smilies and happy dancing gifs here :)

**Big Hugs**
**passes big tissues**

Now I'll crawl into bed after working last night, only to wake up for College Football and then go gorge myself on fondue...and sob uncontrollably.
So I have a WEEK left to be thirtysomething. A week left of less than 40.

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See what fangirling can do?? All hail the power of fandom.

Happy Friday, y'all!!